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NYC Concrete Repair has experience with all different types of concrete projects. We understand the requirements of ADA access (Americans with Disabilities Act) for your home or business. We can modify any existing ADA access to ensure that it meets the code and regulations. Concrete ramps do not have to be unattractive and bulky, we create concrete ramps that look great and serve a functional purpose once they are installed.

Concrete ramps must be constructed correctly for the safety of those who will be using them. Safe wheelchair access is crucial for those who need to use these ramps, so they need to be constructed correctly, not too steep, and never slippery. NYC Concrete Repair is your source for the modification or professional installation of concrete ramps. Our installations will meet and comply with all ADA regulations and provide safe, high-quality wheelchair access.


The Importance of Proper Installation 


An ADA concrete ramp needs a certain level of expertise and must adhere to specific crucial requirements. We always meet the expectations of our clients while ensuring that the finished product meets the ADA specifications. We provide a solid guarantee on our materials and workmanship because we are confident in our work product. We know you will be completely satisfied with the result of our work.

Concrete ramps are helpful for many applications, including loading and unloading product from a storage facility, accessing a building via wheelchair, and providing an alternative to steep stairs for people who have specific mobility issues.

When a concrete ramp is installed, many factors should be considered. The ramp’s placement, location, and slope are crucial factors to ensure that the ramp provides safe and easy access.¬† NYC Concrete Repair is an experienced concrete ramp installation company, and we will install concrete ramps that meet all customer expectations, building requirements, and ADA standards.

We have serious attention to detail and provide a quality service that ensures all of our projects are built correctly right from when the planning is commenced until the project is fully completed. We build ramps designed to last and will blend in with the building while being aesthetically pleasing.


Safety First


NYC Concrete Repair always has safety in mind when we install concrete ramps. We will never install a ramp in an area that we consider to be unsafe. We will show you examples of what the finished work will look like if you are unsure of the result. We have a variety of options for design and installation, and we can discuss those with you when we arrive on site.

Concrete ramps are safe and functional and are often preferred over concrete ramps because they are more robust. Concrete ramps are a preferred choice over wooden or metal ramps, mainly because they do not retain heat or cold during the heat of summer or the cold of winter.

NYC Concrete Repair takes great pride in offering the best results and a high level of knowledge in concrete. We use only the most up-to-date techniques and processes for all concrete installations, creating the best possible products. Concrete is chosen most often for projects because of its versatility and durability. We offer our experience and deep understanding of concrete processes to you on your project. We always ensure that the style and design you choose are completed to your total satisfaction.

We are a full-service concrete contractor and can deal with every aspect of the installation of your concrete project from the start of the design to its completion. We start by evaluating your project and assisting you in choosing the color, texture, and design you want to incorporate into the design. We will discuss your budget with you and ensure that we stay within those guidelines while working on your project. We know that the results will be not only excellent but also stunning.

The greatest thing about NYC Concrete Repair is the pride that we take in all the work we do. We always provide the highest possible customer service to all our clients. We are a local company that is devoted to serving the residents with our highest quality service. We promise that we will complete your concrete ramp project on time and budget.

If you have been waiting to have your concrete ramp project completed, give us a call; we are ready to hear your needs.¬† We would be pleased to discuss your project with you and suggest how best to complete it within your budget and time frame.¬† If you want to discuss the project’s cost, we would be pleased to come to your location, take some measurements and provide you with a rough cost estimate of the project with the cost of materials and labor added. Call our office to schedule your on-site visit today or email us to request a time.